For The Culture with Alex Wolf

In this week's episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Alex Wolf.  We discuss everything from social capital to innovation. Nobody understands how Alex Wolf built a cult following of over half a million millennials for her first brand in less than a year. Nobody understands why she left it all to become a writer either. Her book RESONATE is Wolf’s informative and occasionally hilarious look at the intersection of human nature, technology, and how understanding both can help anyone creative build a following of their own. Check out her latest on YouTube.

Alex was named one of the “Top 100 Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company Magazine, Inc.’s “Top Creative Entrepreneurs In Marketing and Media,” and Adweek's “Top 20 Influencers Who Radiate Creativity & Get Everyone Talking,” To find out how to connect with Alex Wolf go and purchase her book Resonate on Amazon

You need Honesty, Vulnerability, Accuracy, and Passion to create a resonating piece of work.
— Alex Wolf
The common denominator for any brand is Personality!
— Alex Wolf
Innovation...Only a small percentage of the population has the guts to do it!
— Alex Wolf
Innovation is being true to yourself!
— Alex Wolf
Other people’s images are dictating our life-changing decisions—There will be social consequences.
— Alex Wolf
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