Don’t just stand for the success of other women—insist on it!
— Gail Blanke

Women all over the world have aspirations to achieve professional goals, but often they don’t have access to the right network or resources to help them achieve those goals. I love sharing my experiences in and out of the boardroom--with women all over the country.  Success for me is when other women win! I want to contribute to our society by beginning to create a culture where more women will help each other succeed. I look forward to working with you to make it rain glass ceilings in the workplace!

If you select me as your speaker/facilitator,  I will give you a 110% and help you achieve the goals you've set for your event and/or workshop.  I speak on topics related to Entrepreneurship, Advancing Women of Color in The Workplace, and the importance of Career Development.  I  conduct workshops for women and unisex audiences.  Some of my clients are Time Inc and The New York Public Library. 

My most requested topics for Colleges/Universities, Nonprofit Organizations,  Leadership Conferences,  and Corporations (Please keep in mind that I can present these as a workshop or keynote):

  • How to Be Your Greatest Advocate:  Learn how to be your best resource and advocate in the workplace

  • Progress is Possible:  Learn how to be successful even when the odds are stacked against you

  • How to build Career Alliances: Learn how to successfully build your internal and external networks

  • Ambition Can Be Taught: Five steps to creating the career you desire

  • Leadership From the Heart: Five steps to becoming an effective and strong leader

  • Being The Only One: Changing the narrative on workplace biases

  • Entrepreneurship and Feminism: The intersection of entrepreneurship and feminism; how to build communities of women helping women